Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book and Blog Status

As can probably be seen by the date of blog entries, I haven't been focusing too much on this blog. My full time job as a lawyer keeps me extremely busy.

The book itself is now almost 6 years old. The aviation industry has changed significantly in the last 6 years. Unfortunately, there are a few things in the book that are now out of date. I was looking at doing a second edition, but with my current time commitments, I do not see that happening in the near future. Some of the specific hiring information at different airlines is out of date - in fact, a number of the airlines are now bankrupt!

All that being said, I do think the book still serves its primary purpose of providing the important thoughts and considerations as to whether someone wants to be a pilot. There have been a number of reviews of the book on (Thanks!). One of the most recent one was that the book saved the reviewer $80,000 - as after reading the book, and consulting with his family, he decided being a pilot was not for him.

Being a pilot can be a great job. But it's not for everyone. The book gets you to really think about the road that lies ahead. If your response is "Sounds great, I'm up for the challenge!", then I think you'll really enjoy a career as a pilot.

Also, deciding to become a pilot and the routes to take can be difficult, personal decisions. The book does a good job of outlining the different pros and cons of taking a university / college program, or a traditional flight school. Be sure to check the internet for the most recent programs and program requirements. Unfortunately, with practicing law full time, I have not been able to keep track of all the program requirements and some of the new programs.

All that being said, I do try my best to answer individual questions sent to my piloteh gmail account. That's the only media where I'm able to answer direct questions. I do my best to provide through answers to well thought out questions.

I only ask that questions be specific and related to Canadian Aviation. If a question is "tell me all I need to know to become a pilot" - My answer would be to start by heading to your local library (or ordering off of amazon or chapters if you're so inclined) and reading the book. If there are additional questions afterwards, I am happy to answer.

Fly Safe!


Anonymous said...

After reading your book it actually inspired me to work to become a Pilot. I really can't see myself doing anything else, So this book has provided me with some very good information. I know now a lot more about the industry than I would've if I just went to the Airport. I believe in your book it says to get a Class 1 medical instead of Class 3. so that helped me out a lot. The book is like my bread in butter in a way haha. thanks for writing the book very inspirational.

James said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad to hear that the book has been helpful in your career pursuits. Best of luck with your future endeavours!

Nick said...

Can you please give a bit of information as to how the industry has changed. I know your busy, but i'd greatly appreciate it. I'm asking this question publicly because i'd rather others who visit your blog to read the information.

Shawn michel said...

Great blog sir.
CPL student

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