Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Quickest Route to Flying an Airliner?

I'll comment on this more later, but sometimes the quickest route to flying for an airline isn't the best option.

Florida's Pilot Factory


Aviatrix said...

Someone clicked out to my blog from this page, so I had to come and see if it said, "study Aviatrix's so-called career carefully, and then do the opposite of what she did at every opportunity." It's probably pretty close.

C said...

Ahh, I've always hated capitalism.... sorry but it sucks!!

I have just finished a Biotech Research program... and I thought, maybe becoming a pilot would work out better, but now I know... it wouldn't.

So, I'll just go back where I came from and I'll try to make a living from the cigarette making business.

Life is just...


Anonymous said...

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