Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Future of Aviation?

More bad news from the Canadian Airline Industry with Air Canada Jazz announcing that they'll be laying off approximately 270 employees. This is a blow to pilot movement in the industry as up until just a couple of weeks ago. Typical of the industry is that from grapevine it seems that Jazz is still training new hire pilots even after they've announced layoffs. While to a certain extent this makes sense as a half trained pilot is of no benefit to you, it shows how quickly things can change in the industry.

In the US, a number of the major airlines announced massive job cuts and fleet reduction to save fuel costs. So while I won't harp too much, be wary if your main goal for being a pilot is to be an airline pilot - there looks to be some unsettling times ahead.

News from General Aviation seems to be better. In the past week, both Piper and Cirrus have made advances in the developments of their single engine jet and Diamond continues to develop it's light jet.

Here's a video of the PiperJet's first taxi tests:

Here's a video of the Cirrus The-Jet's First Flight:

And's here's an information video about Diamond's D-Jet:

So, will these new single engine jets transform the nature of the industry? Will flying in the future be reserved for the wealthy who can afford to pay higher airline fares or own their own personal jet? I wish I knew.

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All American Packaging said...

I just saw this plane up close and very personal on 10-29-09 At Orlando Executive Airport. This aircraft is very interesting and looks very HOT on the ground, It is mostly made up of carbon/ carbon fiber / kevlar epoxy. There are still working out the bugs and the insides are pilot only, But still a very nice aircraft. Oh and by the way if the engines cut ot I think the pilot would know how to do a re-start or in the worse case use the built in Parachute system.