Thursday, April 17, 2008

Harrison Ford - Just Another Pilot

Found this video through a post on AvCanada. It's a neat little video about Harrison Ford who has his pilot licence. The difference between him and most recreational pilots is that he has piles of cash so he's able to "buy an occasional airplane." Regardless of the tinge of jealousy I feel, it's good to see that he enjoys flying and really outlines some of the great feelings of flying that are sometimes hard to put into words.

One other quick comment, although I didn't have my first solo in a 206, my first landing in one was similar to how he describes his. Because I had been flying a plane that had a lower landing attitude, on my first landing in the 206, I let the nose get to low and the nose wheel touched down first and I porpoised down the runway. After about 3 big bounces I added power and had my first overshoot in the 206!


Dagny said...

I have missed him by minutes more times than I can count at YTZ. And there is nothing I would love more than to meet Han freaking Solo!!

Thanks for the vid!! :)

Eddie Gissing said...

AMAZING VIDEO! Great inspiration for a young aspiring pilot.. to see the joy on someone's face when flying.

John said...

Hi James,

Great blog ! Thanks for that. Just started my CPL groundschool and about to pass my PPL flight test (if WX permits...). It's always nice to read real life experience like yours or Doug Morris's.

Oh yeah... your link is dead.
You can use this one instead :

Take care