Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the Web

I will have an updated and streamlined look for this blog over the next few weeks. In the meantime however, feel free to check out the book's new website

Also, for those of you on facebook, check out the facebook group


Davis Bigelow said...

Looks good so far James. It is a bit of work to play with these computer thingys, but fun too. Glad you liked the photo for the cover. It was fun to create and I like the way it looks. I'll have to checkout the bookstore for your book. Having ridden in several helicopters and bush planes (along the B.C. coast), I have always wanted to get my pilot's licence. Perhaps there is going to be time for a new adventure in my life, but I won't level the baack yard just yet. (I have to convice my wife first.)

James said...

Hi Davis,

Thanks for the comments. Really like the cover. It's an interesting creative process but it's exactly how I had pictured it. I've had a number of positive comments about it. Nicely Done!

And if you decide to convince your wife to let you get plane, give me a call!